Contract Services

Unless pest preventative control measures are carried out on a regular basis, pest infestations will quickly develop and spread throughout your premises, leaving disease, damage and distress in their trail.

Prior to commencement of any contract or treatment, Power Pest control will carry out a full site survey totally free of chargeĀ and with no obligation. This survey will detail our technician’s findings and their recommendations for treatment or prevention, specific to the premises.

On completion of our survey we will discuss our findings with you and then tailor our services to suit your needs. This may be in the form of an emergency one off treatment, or out of hour’s treatment if necessary to eradicate a current pest infestation.

Alternatively you may simply require the implementation of one of our maintenance contracts.

With our maintenance contract services a record folder will remain on site at all times, including all contact details, call out prices, copies of technicians scheduled visit report forms, service agreement and relevant information regarding your contract. This folder will be updated on every scheduled inspection by one of our technicians.

We offer our clients the most discreet service available, only using unmarked vans for the servicing of our contracted sites.

Our two main contract options are:

Standard Service Premier Service